2018 GCA Caller School

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July 1 - 3  (Sunday-Tuesday), Seattle, Washington

Now you can spend three days with Caller Coach Ross Howell and  Teaching Assistant Arlene Kaspik in a concentrated effort to expand your knowledge of square dance calling.  If the registration response is large enough, Anne Uebelacker will join as a secondary Caller Coach.  Beginning callers will benefit from this intensive exposure to some of the best callers in the business today!

Immediately preceding the IAGSDC Convention in Seattle, Washington.


  • How to move dancers
  • Working with music
  • Creating and delivering choreography
  • Sight calling basics
  • Work through your material at the mic or in one-on-one sessions
  • More advanced instruction in all aspects of the art of calling

Something For Everyone!

  • Sight calling techniques
  • Reading and writing choreography
  • Equipment usage
  • Microphone technique
  • Vocal instruction
  • Creating choreography
  • Programming dances
  • Showmanship
  • Caller culture and etiquette
  • Callers associations
  • Responsibilities to the dancers
  • Plenty of microphone time for all students

Your Tuition Fee Includes:

  • 3 days of instruction by our excellent coaches
  • Personal attention from our superb teaching assistants
  • CALLERLAB New Caller Kit (beginners)
  • Choreographic checkers (beginners)

•  •  •

Thanks to the generous support of

All Join Hands Foundation

Your registration fee is only $75.